Information for Prospective Applicants to CAMPEP-Accredited Residency Programs


Individuals applying to CAMPEP-accredited residency programs must demonstrate compliance with didactic prerequisites in one of the following ways.

Alternatively, applicants who have 1) completed a doctorate degree in physics, physical science, or engineering, with either an undergraduate degree in physics or at least three upper-division (junior- or senior-level) undergraduate physics courses, and 2) have completed some of the required graduate coursework outside a CAMPEP-accredited graduate program may request evaluation of this coursework in one of two ways:

  1. The applicant may apply to the residency program director for individual course evaluation, or
  2. The applicant may apply to the Graduate Education Program Review Committee (GEPRC) for assessment of one or more courses. In this case, a fee of of $250 per course is payable, in US funds, to CAMPEP, Inc., 1631 Prince Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314-2818.
For evaluation of courses by either the program director or CAMPEP GEPRC, the applicant must provide:
  1. A detailed course syllabus issued by the institution and valid at the time the course was taken, clearly indicating which topics from Section 8 of the CAMPEP Graduate Standards for Accreditation of Graduate Educational Programs in Medical Physics have been addressed, and
  2. examples of representative homework assignments and examinations, and
  3. a biosketch of the lecturer(s) providing details of the academic appointment of the lecturer(s) at the relevant institution(s).

The required graduate coursework is specified in the CAMPEP Standards for Accreditation of Graduate Educational Programs in Medical Physics, Section 8 – Core Graduate Curriculum and addresses the following topics: