CAMPEP Policies and Procedures - Educational Program Requirements
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Criteria for Accreditable Educational Program Activities


Credits Awarded

Approval of Educational Activities

In order for CAMPEP to award MPCEC, an educational program must be approved for that purpose by the CAMPEP Continuing Education Credit Committee and, where relevant, meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Requirements for approval are as follows:

  1. Program Director Responsibilities
    • The Program Director will be a professional with documented qualifications in the subject material of the proposed program.
    • A Program Director who has an interest in or affiliation with a commercial organization or activity which could appear to benefit from the proposed program will make the affiliation known in the application and to the program participants.
    • Communicate with each faculty member the global educational objectives for this activity and establish mutually agreeable educational objectives for his/her session.
      • Include session objectives as part of the Faculty Agreement to Participate.
      • Inform each faculty member that her/his session will be evaluated relative to the session objectives and that this evaluation will be privately communicated.
      • Disclose any faculty member’s potential conflict-of-interest or a significant commercial connection to attendees in conjunction with this individual’s on-site participation in the program and in promotional materials.
      • Require that faculty obtain appropriate permission statements for use of copyrighted material in handouts and presented material (e.g., presentation of Netter’s anatomy illustrations requires purchase of copyrighted slides).
    • The Program Director will provide a report to the MPCEC Committee which verifies attendance, discloses financial support details and, if requested by CAMPEP, will provide a summary of the evaluations.
  2. Faculty
    • The faculty will consist of professionals qualified to teach specific subjects.
    • Faculty members who have an interest in or affiliation with a commercial organization or activity which could appear to benefit from their program participation will make the affiliation known to the director and to the program participants.
  3. Program Director's Statement
    • The program director(s) will agree to a statement to adhere to CAMPEP's Policy and Procedures.
  4. Program Format
    • A course outline which identifies:
      • Date
      • Location
      • Target audience
      • Duration
      • Global education activity by objectives
      • Description of the pedagogical format of the program, and faculty for specific topics shall be provided
      • Course handouts, if any, shall be described
  5. Educational Methods
    • Promotional materials should clearly indicate the educational character of each educational activity. Course notebooks, handouts, or syllabi are encouraged.
    • Course faculty is responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted material.
  6. Objectives
    • Objectives which describe the benefits to be received from the educational program shall be published with program promotional and registration materials.
    • Overall program and individual session objectives shall be communicated to each session speaker or moderator and acceptance confirmed [via the faculty agreements].
    • The objectives shall be used for evaluation.
  7. Promotional Materials
    • The promotional materials will give a complete description of the program including:
      • Format/Educational Methods
      • Target audience
      • Objectives
      • CAMPEP Application Statement - Indicating that the applicant has applied to CAMPEP for the approval of this activity and the number of MPCEC hours requested for approval; or that CAMPEP has approved the activity and number of MPCEC hours approved by CAMPEP
      • Sources of support
      • Other information which will be helpful to potential participants in making selection of educational activities, including a statement to satisfy the spirit of ADA where relevant
  8. Evaluation and Verification of Attendance
    • The participants in each course will be provided with a form to evaluate the course and verify attendance.
    • The form will provide for the evaluation of program characteristics such as: instructional quality, speaker effectiveness, audiovisual (AV) use and quality, facilities, and of meeting the educational objectives.
    • The director will establish a mechanism to verify the attendance of each participant in each session or activity for which credit is requested.
    • The record of attendance will be included in the director's report to CAMPEP.
    • When appropriate, participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate the educational quality of each session and each faculty member's contribution.
  9. Credits (MPCEC Hours)
    • The number of MPCEC hours for an approved educational activity will be determined by the CAMPEP CEC Committee or a Subcommittee appointed for this purpose. In general, one MPCEC hour will be granted for each hour of approved educational activity.
  10. Administrative Fee
    • Administrative fees will be paid by the educational activity sponsor and by the activity participants in an amount sufficient to cover expenses of administering the MPCEC program.