Accreditable Medical Physics Continuing Educational Activities

Criteria for Accreditable Medical Physics Continuing Educational Activities

1. Formats

The format of the activity must be conducive for learning by the participant. Currently allowed formats are: courses and symposia; proffered paper sessions; remotely directed continuing education (RDCE); and review journal articles. In the future, the CAMPEP Board may approve other formats.

2. Content

The content must provide benefit for the professional activities of a medical physicist and be targeted at the level of a medical physicist. Examples for acceptable contents would be fundamental physics concepts, basic medical topics, instructions for performing procedures, and symposia on emerging technologies. Content may be applicable to a single-vendor’s device but may not be a sales program.

3. Objectives

The application for accreditation of an educational activity must include a statement of objectives, both for the program and, if appropriate, for each session in the program.

4. Program Director

The program director must have the expertise to be able to evaluate the qualifications of prospective faculty for the activity, evaluated in a similar manner to the faculty as discussed below The program director must transmit to the faculty the program and session objectives where appropriate. The program director must have influence on the program content and be able to affirm its educational quality.

5. Faculty

The faculty must be able to address the material to be covered. The assumption is made that members of the AAPM, ACMP, ACR, CCPM, or diplomats of the ABMP, ABSNM, ABR, or COMP will follow the Code of Conduct for their organizations and only serve as faculty addressing topics for which they have the required knowledge. Other faculty will have to demonstrate that by training and experience they have the expertise required to present the material assigned.

6. Credits

Credits for continuing education activities should follow the guidelines below:

7. Evaluation

Educational activities except journal reviews must include evaluation of the activity. The evaluations must be available to CAMPEP but routinely will not be requested.

8. Promotional Materials

Applications for educational activities that include promotional material must include copies of this material (or proposed material, if not yet distributed) in the application.

9. Program Director’s Report

Following the activity, the program director must send a report to CAMPEP including the names of participants to receive credits and the number of credits for each participant (with verification of participation) and a summary of the evaluations, via the participant upload process.

10. Accessibility

Programs must comply with relevant regulations dealing with accessibility.